College Prep: Hourly

Initial Retainer Includes: 

  • 2 hours of consultant time - meetings, research, and extended text/call/email

  • Personal college planning website

  • College-prep and admissions related communications including CPC monthly newsletter

Services continue as needed, billed each month for hours used beyond retainer. 

Our Hourly model allows you to choose the level of support that fits your goals and budget. The first meeting, regardless of grade level, requires approximately one hour. From then on, your family may want/need more or less support depending on your personal situation (change of high schools, dual enrollment, number of essays, number of universities, etc.).We will provide guidance and support through your personal webpage and our newsletters so you will have what you need in between meetings.


Below is a list of services we offer. However, we individualize every step of the process and can work with your family to meet your specific goals. 


  • Review of academic record to date  

  • Prepare and update a graduation plan outlining courses needed for a college prep transcript, completing high school requirements, and/or AA degree requirements to include dual enrollment options if appropriate  

  • Creation or update of student activities list/resume'

  • Overview of the college admission process to include evaluation of student's performance relative to typical admission criteria for desired colleges 

  • Access to multiple assessments to help the student learn about strengths/weaknesses as well as majors, careers, and colleges.

  • Subscription to college planning website for an ongoing to-do list, staying on track with college prep activities and learning about colleges

  • Subscription to college planning communication to stay on top of trends in college admission and reminders/updates to keep you moving forward

  • Recommendations on standardized testing timeline and requirements  

  • ACT and/or SAT diagnostic practice exam with extensive feedback on areas to study

  • Development of a balanced college list

  • Development of timelines and application strategies for the college admissions process 

  • Development of strategies to obtain letters of recommendation 

  • College application essay topic brainstorming, development of ideas, and editing services

  • Assistance with SSAR (Self-reported Student Academic Record) or other self-reported transcript programs

  • Guidance on completion of college applications including review of materials prior to submission to ensure accuracy and thoroughness

  • Assistance with scholarship essays and applications

  • Assistance with admission and/or financial aid appeals, housing application support, and/or support in the decision process when choosing your college