• Individual virtual meetings as needed (ranging from one to two hours in length), not to exceed twelve consultations for the duration of the timeframe of this contract *additional consultations can be purchased at an hourly rate if desired

  • Unlimited access to consultant via text, phone, or email to answer any questions that arise during the year 

  • Proactive communication of calendar dates, deadlines, etc. Reminders and follow-up

  • Private Facebook group with current and previous families where we host Q&As, have in-depth discussions, and share important dates and information 


The Complete College Package

Families can start any time during the 11th grade year

Services continue through August after graduation

  • Review of academic record to date.  Devise and update a graduation plan outlining courses needed to complete high school requirements, degree prerequisites, and/or AA degree requirements to include dual enrollment options if appropriate 

  • Aptitude assessment – 90-minute web-based assessment to determine strengths and potential careers/majors (new clients) 

  • Online Custom College Planning Account, an electronic portfolio for all documents and research related to high school and college planning, plus access to information about college admission requirements, majors, and much more available 24/7 

  • Questionnaires/interview on college preferences (students and parents) 

  • Creation or update of student resume and ongoing discussions/recommendations for a meaningful activities list 

  • Comprehensive review of college admission requirements for colleges of interest and realities of admission 

  • Recommendations on standardized testing timeline and requirements  

  • ACT and/or SAT diagnostic practice exam with extensive feedback on areas to study

  • Sample communications (conversation/email scripts) for school personnel to ensure timely and accurate completion of paperwork and record-keeping

  • List of tasks and calendar dates for successful navigation of school year

  • Development of timelines and application strategies for college admissions process 

  • Development of strategies to obtain letters of recommendation that optimize positive impact in admissions process


  • College application essay topic brainstorming, development of ideas, and editing services  

  • Unlimited application and essay review 

  • Creation of college list to ensure admission with consideration given to location, finances, and the social/academic wants/needs of student and family

  • Assistance with completion of college applications including review of materials prior to submission to ensure accuracy and thoroughness  

  • Assistance with SSAR (Self-reported Student Academic Record), FAFSA, CSS Profile, and FFA(Bright Futures Application)

  • Application Support/timeline/reminders 

  • Provide draft of communications to high school guidance counselor, recommenders, and other support staff to ensure timely submission of materials 

  • Assistance with scholarship essays and applications 

  • Assistance with admission and/or financial aid appeals 

  • Housing application support/timelines/reminders 

  • Support in decision process when choosing your college

Discounts are available for those who transition from the Early Start Package!