Dr. Cathy Richter was the driving force in getting both my daughters into the university of her choice. As homeschoolers until the ninth grade, we were uncertain about the entire admissions process and were hoping we had not fallen behind. Dr. Richter presented us with a comprehensive plan meticulously outlining each step of the four year process at our first in-person interview. We were off and running. I cannot describe the relief and gratitude I felt.

Dr. Richter's attention to detail, close observance of the ever important deadlines, and her innate ability to easily navigate the labyrinth of college admissions departments is awe inspiring. My husband and I decided this juncture in our daughters’ education was key - why take a chance with it?

What does Cathy Richter deliver?  

1.  Results 

2.  Peace of Mind  

3.  Compassion

Thank you, Cathy. You are truly a person of excellence in this extremely complicated and specialized field.  We are so thankful our girls have these wonderful opportunities because of your efforts.

Thank you Cathy for your knowledge, guidance, direction and pure patience with this whole process !! We are so grateful to you for helping us navigate these uncharted waters ! I never had it so easy and stress FREE . Maddie followed your advice and did everything you told her to do ! We are truly blessed to you have you in our life ! Thanks again soooooo much !! ❤️❤️❤️





There were many benefits to working with you, but one of my favorite was your availability! Anytime I had a question, you were quick to find an answer and get back to me. Such a busy senior year made this even more necessary because you were willing and able to find answers for me through your prior knowledge and research that would have cost me an extensive amount of time.


I often had college and scholarship applications that required essays, and you were always willing to edit and perfect my essays. This was helpful because I was guaranteed feedback, and I did not have to seek out help that would have been less available. 

Thank you Cathy! All of your help has been invaluable. Now on to daughter #2! Lol

Cathy Richter worked with my daughter, Elise Fogg as her Collegiate Prep Consulting guide over the last year. As a result, Elise will be attending the private college of San Diego University this Fall. The relationship & work that Cathy developed with Elise is priceless & I encourage all parents to add Cathy to your Junior or Senior child’s Team. 
Cathy took the time to get to know Elise's needs and desires in college options. She identified her strengths & weakness & offers a multitude of tools to help the student identify areas of interest for future study. Cathy does not write essays for your child, but instead helps the student brainstorm possible topics. She was always available to edit or offer suggestions. Her response time with both Elise & myself in communicating with her was amazing & I love how Elise really felt that Cathy was invested in her & her college dreams. 
As a result, Elise applied to 12 colleges across the Nation & was accepted to 11 (she was wait listed to the last one). Cathy’s investment wasn’t to just “help” Elise get into any college , but instead to get into a college that would fulfill Elise's goals & dreams. Cathy also helps with the FASFA process & Scholarship essays & offerings & works with students across the Niceville, fwb, Santa Rosa, & Freeport areas.

The last years of high school should be enjoyed with your kids , and not full of college prep stress! Having Cathy on our team allowed for Elise & myself to enjoy the process instead of wanting to pull each others hair out! 
We appreciate you, Cathy!

Jason Beer and I highly recommend Collegiate Prep Consulting for assisting in college planning. As first timers Cathy helped us all three walk through the process and provided invaluable resources and guidance. Thank you so much Cathy Richter!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the never ending guidance you gave me across my college search. I feel so blessed to have had someone dedicating their time 24/7 to help me in all that college transitioning implies, whether I was in person and states away. You alway demonstrated 100% commitment to get me where I want to go and were there through my endless questions, drafts, and applications. Not only that, but you took the time to get to know me and help find the school that fits me best! By far the best counseling I've received across the nation, Hawaii to Miami.  I cannot thank you enough!

We are so excited!! Thank you for everything, Cathy! You are the best!!

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Richter, she truly is a unique and invaluable resource for any serious student to have. She has been an invaluable coach throughout my dual-enrollment, ACT/SAT Test Prep, college applications and medical school applications. The college application process is difficult, but with Dr. Richter, it was stress-free. Dr. Richter provided me with individualized attention and coaching on financial aid, bright futures scholarships, college essays, a comprehensive to do lists and much more to ensure I reached my goals. On top of Dr. Richter’s extensive knowledge and ability to make stressful application processes a breeze; she is extremely reliable. Dr. Richter makes herself available through phone, email and even text! It is amazing to have a professional that shows that much commitment to her students. Dr. Richter is an expert and extremely knowledgeable in all application processes and I recommend everyone to reach out to her. I have had the great pleasure of having Dr. Richter on my team for over 5 years and attribute all of my success to Collegiate Prep Consulting, THANK YOU DR. RICHTER! WE DID IT!

Decrease Stress and Increase Success with Collegiate Prep Consulting! 

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