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Parents/Students (grades 8, 9, 10, and 11)

Presenter will share the most critical factors to consider preparing for college admission success with time for Q&A. Session time and price vary upon details of request.

  • Introduction to types of colleges/post-secondary options

  • Minimum requirements for graduation

  • A competitive transcript

  • FSU data – curriculum and admission stats – as example

  • Dual enrollment and advanced placement

  • Activities list – what should be on it – how to make it meaningful

  • Bright Futures and scholarship realities

  • Standardized test scores/test optional admission

College Admissions Landscape – Can I Get In?

Parents/Students (grades 10,11,12)

Presenter will share the current state of college admissions, review some of the recent changes, and discuss how this impacts your child’s college decisions with time for Q&A. Session time and price vary upon details of request.

  • Admissions has changed over the years, especially since the pandemic and more recently, the Supreme Court decision to disallow race as an admission criteria.

  • Realities of admission – The importance of a balanced college list

  • What colleges look for

  • What students/families look for

  • The goal is to be able to present an application after junior year of high school that will give you options of where you want to attend

College Preparation Overview


Group Services for Schools/Organizations

Have a specific topic request? Please contact us to discuss an individualized presentation.

Standardized Testing Overview (SAT and ACT)

Parents/Students (grades 10,11,12)

Presenter will share detailed information about the most common standardized tests for college admissions:  SAT and ACT with time for Q&A. This presentation can be expanded to include a test prep workshop for students (a teaching a learning session where they work on problems together with the instructor). Session time and price vary upon details of request.

  • Introduction to the two different tests and when they are used

  • Discussion of their use in test optional universities

  • Specific details about each test (content, length, style, etc.) and how they are different

  • Guidance on how to best prepare for each test

  • Guidance on when to test, which one(s) to choose, and how many times to take

  • Sample college statistics of each exam

  • Sample questions showcased for each section of each test

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