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The Guidance Bundle

Initial Retainer Includes: 

  • 2 hours of consultant time 

  • All services listed below

Services continue as needed, billed each month for hours used beyond retainer. 

8th and 9th Grade

Our Guidance Bundle model is ideal for families who want to make sure their child’s high school experiences (courses and activities) are best prior to 10th grade.

Below is a list of the services included in the bundle. 


  • Individual consultation services with experienced and knowledgeable education professional 

  • Review of academic record to date 

  • Prepare and update a graduation plan optimizing college admission options 

  • Use of our college planning website (educational portfolio, individualized to-do list, guidance information files, and college information all in one place) 

  • Guidance for extracurricular involvement and community service

  • Ongoing communication about the college process/landscape, including the CPC newsletter with college preparation content for all grade levels 

  • Other specific requests or personalized guidance

Those who opt into the Guidance Bundle receive a reduced rate of hourly services after the two hours included in the bundle are used AND a discount on the Comprehensive College Package if they transition in 10th grade. 

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