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  • Individual consultation services with experienced and knowledgeable education professional (approximately twelve to fifteen meetings)

  • Review of academic record to date

  • Prepare and update a graduation plan optimizing college admission options

  • College planning website (educational portfolio, individualized to-do list, guidance information files, and college information all in one place)

  • Access to an experienced and knowledgeable consultant when needed

  • Ongoing communication about the college process/landscape

  • Communication about outside scholarship opportunities, both national and local

  • CPC newsletter with college preparation content for all grade levels

  • Aptitude assessment for career/interest/major

  • ACT/SAT diagnostic practice exams with extensive feedback on areas to study

  • Creation/update of student activities list/resume’ including discussion/recommendations for a meaningful activities list

  • Overview of college admissions process/trends to include evaluation of student’s profile relative to typical admission profiles for colleges of interest

  • Access to multiple assessments to help learn about student’s strengths/weaknesses/ major and career interests, and college preferences

  • Development of a balanced college list considering academic, social, and location preferences as well as financial parameters

  • Guidance for establishing a standardized testing goal and testing timeline

  • Strategies for obtaining quality letters of recommendations

  • College application essay(s) topic brainstorming, development of ideas, and editing services

  • Articulation of application activities list to maximize word count and clear communication

  • Individualized guidance to maximize quality of college applications, including a review of materials prior to submission to ensure accuracy and thoroughness

  • Assistance/Review of self-reported transcript requirements as needed

  • Assistance/Support with after-application tasks to ensure completed college application

  • Assistance/support with college-specific scholarship essays/applications as needed

  • Assistance/support for submission of admission and/or financial aid appeals

  • Guidance for housing applications

  • Information and support regarding financial aid applications and deciphering financial packages

  • Support in the decision-making process when choosing your college

  • Other support, as requested

The Comprehensive College Package

Families can start any time during the 11th grade year

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