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Dr. Cathy Richter

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Dr. Angela Walmsley

With more than 35 years in education at the elementary, middle, high school, and university levels as a teacher, counselor, and principal, I understand the education system.  I understand students and what they need to make the most of the opportunities awaiting them.  I also know how busy parents are and how little information parents have about how education works and the various options available. 


I earned my undergraduate degree in business education and my MA in Educational Counseling from the University of Missouri.  My Ph.D. in Educational Leadership was earned at Saint Louis University.  I am certified as a guidance counselor and principal in both Missouri and Florida.


Prior to 2017 when I opened my private consulting business, I served as a collegiate high school guidance counselor in Northwest Florida, successfully assisting many high school students with a college-prep curriculum, dual enrollment, AA degree completion, and the college admissions process.

I am the founder and an educational consultant at Collegiate Prep Consulting where I support students and their families through every step of the college prep process. 

With 25 years of experience at the K-12 and university levels as a teacher, professor, and higher education administrator, I am confident I can assist your child as they explore and apply to colleges.  I've worked as a professor and administrator at multiple universities: both private and public of varying sizes; colleges in locations such as the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast, the Midwest, and the Southeast; and direct experience as an administrator in the Florida State University System.  I also have familiarity with UK and Irish universities.


I received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Illinois where I also became certified to teach middle school and high school mathematics and science.  I earned my Master's of Education and Diploma in Statistics from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  Lastly, I earned my PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Saint Louis University.  I have been certified to teach in Illinois, Missouri, and Northern Ireland.  While I have a background in teaching mathematics, I have spent much of my career working in the higher education system in all aspects:  advising, teaching, admissions, student life, and research.

In addition to my mathematics background, I have a strong writing background having authored 5 books and 30 articles as a college professor.  I have experience in assessments, test construction and item analysis in addition to statistics.  

I work with students through every step of the college exploration and application process.

Alison Warrick 


I joined Collegiate Prep Consulting in 2020. Although I was fairly new to the world of Educational Consulting, I had many past opportunities which built skills that support the way we work with students.


I earned my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Maryville University. I was a military spouse for 9 years before my husband got out of the Navy and in that time, we conquered eight moves. This allowed me to explore teaching in a variety of realms - after school programs, one-on-one tutoring, and I even received certificates and taught within the health and fitness industry for many years. Most recently, I worked as an Instructional Designer creating an online curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students.  Although these opportunities have provided me with a great wealth of knowledge and experience, I also completed the Summer Training Institute held by the Independent Educational Consultant Association to ensure I can offer our students the best services possible.  

I have worked as our Student Success Coach where I helped students build life skills that supported their success in high school and am currently the head of Marketing and Technology for CPC. 

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