With more than 35 years in education at the elementary, middle, high school, and university levels as a teacher, counselor, and principal, I understand the education system.  I understand students and what they need to make the most of the opportunities awaiting them.  I also know how busy parents are and how little information parents have about how education works and the various options available. 


I earned my undergraduate degree in business education and my MA in Educational Counseling from the University of Missouri.  My Ph.D. in Educational Leadership was earned at Saint Louis University.  I am certified as a guidance counselor and principal in both Missouri and Florida.


Most recently I served as a high school guidance counselor and a collegiate high school guidance counselor in Northwest Florida, successfully assisting many high school students with a college prep curriculum, dual enrollment, AA degree completion, and the college admissions process.


Over the past five years, students have been accepted at various universities throughout the country: NYU, West Point, Rice, Stanford, UGA, Santa Clara, Belmont, University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, University of Colorado-Boulder, Baylor, Auburn, Troy, University of Alabama, Saint Louis University, LSU, Pace, Parsons, Sarah Lawrence, Kent State, and UCLA to name a few.  Students have been admitted to every school in Florida, with multiple admissions to Florida State University and University of Florida.  My students have been awarded significant merit scholarships to multiple universities.  Students admitted to Florida schools have earned Bright Futures scholarships, University of Florida’s presidential scholarship, and Florida State University’s scholarship for freshmen, as well as other significant recognitions and funding options from multiple universities.

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